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How to delete cloud data android?


We are going to learn how to delete a data from Android Cloud Firestore database.

In my previous android code example, we explored how to add data to Android Cloud Firestore database.

This is the time to also learn how to delete a data we have added or someone added in Firestore database.

If you have not used Cloud Firestore database in your android project before, I will suggest you first go through my tutorial on how to add Cloud Firestore database in android project.

We are going to follow these simple steps

i. Create a Firebase project for your app

ii. Add Cloud Firestore database to your project

iii. In your activity layout file, add a Button view. When the button is clicked, a record will be deleted from our Firestore database.

How Cloud Firestore data deletion works

Similar to other databases, deletion in Cloud Firestore database uses a unique id, field or property to identify the record to be deleted.

In our example code below. We want to delete a record in AndroidView collection with document Id (Post).


  • Open Android Studio
  • Go to file menu
  • Select new
  • Enter project name
  • Enter activity name
  • Select Default Activity
  • Click on finish button to create a new android project



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