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How to delete fitbit coach account?


Signing up is easy, canceling isn’t

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Fitbit Coach and Fitbit Premium are the company’s fitness subscription memberships that offer guided health programs from the app / wearable device. Fitbit first came out with its Fitbit Coach program for guided exercises such as HIIT training or body weight workouts, then followed up with a Fitbit Premium program last summer. This latest program offers wellness reports, meditation programs, and other health coaching for improved eating and sleep habits.

If you pay for one you also get the other — provided Fitbit Premium is available in your region. The membership costs $10 a month or $80 a year, though Fitbit gives you the first week for free on a trial when you first set up your device.

If the seven-day trial isn’t cutting it for you or you find that you’re not satisfied with the subscription, you can choose to cancel. However, the cancellation process isn’t as simple as signing up, since Fitbit requires you to cancel from wherever you first signed up. And because you can sign up from a variety of places — Google Play, App Store, or the Fitbit mobile app, for example — the steps to canceling will be different for each user.

If you purchased it through Fitbit directly

There are two places where you can sign up for Fitbit Premium: the mobile app or the Fitbit website. If you activated the membership directly from Fitbit:

  • Head to coach.fitbit.com and log in to your account.
  • On the upper right side of the screen, click your name and select Settings.
  • Scroll down to the Subscriptions and Payments section.
  • Select Edit and cancel the membership. Note that if your subscription is still in trial mode, this section may appear in an orange tab and you won’t be able to cancel from the Fitbit site.

If you indeed come across the orange tab because you’re still in the first week trial, you will have to unsubscribe directly through your device’s app store.

If you subscribed using an Android device

For Android subscribers, you can cancel your membership either using your Play Store app on your mobile device or going to the Google Play Store on your computer.