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How to delete all reddit history?


How to permanently delete reddit history.

Stop, before you hide the post you don't want to see anymore, you may notice it's fairly easy to access. Well, wait no more, I found a way to get rid of it for good!

Note that I use an Android and not an iPhone. It resolves going in the settings so it shouldn't be too different or complicated.

First, do NOT hide the post. This may seem stupid but you'll understand why later. Everything you want to keep in your history should either be upvoted, downvoted, or commented on.

Next, go into your settings and go into the application manager. Find Reddit and tap on it. There should be something that says storage. Tap on that and there should be Clear Cache and Clear Data. Tap Clear Data. This may seem unsafe, but it's actually harmless to the app and just basically logs you out and clears the history. I tried this with the stuff in hidden but it didn't work so maybe reside putting the important stuff in there. Now get ready for the app to close when you tap Clear Data. Now open Reddit and log in. Tada. It's all gone and you still have the stuff you want.

Thanks for reading my first post and make sure to upvote! I hope this works for you!