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How to delete multiple youtube videos at once 2019?


If you want to know how to delete YouTube videos in 2020 then this is the right place

Deleting YouTube Videos in 2020 has never been any easier. A recent update enables you to delete as many videos as you want in one go. This facility has long been overdue. So its with gratitude that I can confirm YouTube has just updated the way you can delete videos on your YouTube channel.

Why is deleting YouTube videos so difficult?

In the past when I wanted to move several videos from one channel to the next, it wasn’t easy finding a way of deleting the videos. After downloading each video and then uploading each one to my new channel, i then would have delete each one with confirmation and a process that was awkward at best. In effect all i really wanted to do was find an easy way of moving my videos from one channel to another, but that process just doesn’t exist.

Understandably YouTube are not making it easy. I [resume this is because deleting a video is a severe action to take, if you don’t know what your doing. But ready for 2020 YouTube now allow it to be done at multi level and in more than one way.

My video today shows you the following:

  • The easiest way to delete a YouTube video in 2020
  • The easy way to delete multiple videos
  • Another easy method you might not know about as its new for 2020

I guess the reason why it’s hard to find out how to delete YouTube videos is down to the fact YouTube don’t want an avalanche of requests for recovering wrongly deleted videos. As a way of warning if you delete your video, you genuinely delete everything.

How to delete a YouTube video in 2020 update – 3 dots

If you go to your studio, find the video you want to delete, then got to the right hand side and click on the 3 dots, you will see the drop down menu with the “delete forever” option

How to delete YouTube videos in 2020 update – several videos at once!

This is an awesome addition because you can delete several videos in one click. This has just been introduced, so its not commonly known as an option yet. Just go to your studio, find the videos you want to delete, then got to the left hand side and check all the square boxes of the videos you want to delete

Click “delete forever” option. If you do want to download them you need to do this by selecting one at a time first.

Delete means delete.

Delete includes:

  • Every comment on the YouTube video are deleted
  • All associated views on it and towards your channel account are gone forever
  • Any statistics and associated analytics on are deleted
  • All description, keywords, thumbnails etc

That’s it. You now know the very latest way to delete a YouTube video in 2020 It’s that simple.

How to delete multiple YouTube videos – 1 Click – NEW & Improved WAY for 2020

How do I delete multiple YouTube videos is a commonly asked question on here. Until this month you couldn’t do it. Now you can easily delete several YouTube videos with one click. The latest update for 2020 means you can delete multiple YouTube videos at once which is really useful if you want to move several videos across to another channel and after you have moved them you then need to delete the old videos with one click.

Feel free to let me know in my comments if I’ve missed anything and if you came across any issues when you tried deleting your videos, and if I can answer it, I will.