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How to delete your trivia crack account?


Account Oddness

So I finally broke down and got this app. I had some credit, so I got the paid version.

I logged in with my Facebook account and I was at level 6. and had a list of 'friends' that I didn't know and a bunch of pending games, etc.

There is a guy that seems to always want to use my gmail account as it's my [email protected] so I assumed it was him that started to play using my email. So I set a password on my account and deleted all the stuff that was there. games, friends, etc.

Anyway, now what happens is that after about half a day, all my current games get deleted and my friends have been told that I've resigned. Obviously this is annoying as hell.

Am I the only one this has happened to? Anyone know how to fix it? I wouldn't mind a complete account reset, either.