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How to delete search history on google maps on iphone?


From time to time, you would like to delete Google Maps search history on your iOS device or computer. Personally, I remove the Google Maps history and the app data to keep the privacy about what I search intact.

“Google Maps” saves your search history to improve the navigation experience. For instance, it will show you directions and places that you recently searched, shared or reviewed. However, you get the complete freedom to delete Google Maps search history on your iPhone, iPad or computer on your own terms.

You can remove the entire Google Maps history at once or delete the locations individually. Additionally, there is also an option to clean up the app data including the offline maps and cache. Let’s get going!

How to Clear Search History in Google Maps on iPhone, iPad, and Computer

Side note: The method of removing the search data is pretty much same both on the mobile device and desktop. So, you can easily eliminate it from any of your devices by following the below steps.

Step #1. Launch Google Maps on your iOS device or desktop.

Step #2. Now, tap on the Menu button.

Step #3. On your iPhone, tap on the Settings iconMaps history.

Note: On your computer, click on History at the bottom.

Step #4. Next, you can check out your activity and eliminate individual data, clear out the search of specific duration or wipe out the entire history at one go.

To delete the entire history: type Maps in the search field and hit enter. Then tap on More button (three dots) and select Delete results → tap on Delete to confirm.

To clean up the individual place: Tap on the three vertical dots next to the item you want to delete and confirm.

Note: Check out the option to Filter by date. Tap on it to access the history of All time, the last 7 days and 30. There is also an option to set the custom duration to clean up the data of specific duration.

If you wish to eliminate everything including the offline maps and cache, get rid of the app data. The process is just as easier. Keep reading…

How to Remove App Data from Google Maps on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open Google Maps on your iOS device → Menu buttonSettings icon.

Step #2. Now, tap on About, terms & privacyClear application data.

Step #3. Next, tap on OK in the popup to confirm that you want to clean up the app data including the offline maps and cache.

That’s pretty much! Repeat the same steps whenever you want to remove the unwanted data from the app.

Keep the Clutter Away…

Recently, the search giant introduced an option to delete Google search activity and manage privacy controls with ease. The company has promised that it will soon launch a similar option for Maps as well. So, just like many of you, I’m also waiting for a bit easier way to eliminating history in the popular navigation app as well.

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