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How to delete all pictures from samsung galaxy s4?


Ive had this phone for just a day now, and I need to delete some old pictures. I select the pictures I would like to delete, but there's no option. I was successfully able to delete them once. What am I doing wrong?

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In one picture app I found myself limited to deleting one pic at a time. I found that if I tap and hold on the pic then a trashcan appeared to drag it to. Another android app let me select a few pics and to delete I tapped the menu or submenu button and in that menu was the delete.

In a few androids I had to install ES File Explorer and then find the pictures then delete them with ES File Explorer.

Sorry but I don't have a s4 to see which method applies. It's a long weekend so wait another day for the ambassador to show up.

i was having the same problem and i literally just figured it out. tap the screen when youre reviewing your pictures and at the bottom a little fast searching bar showing previews of media should appear. tap and hold onto this bar containing the pictures and little check boxes should appear. simply tick the boxes, and when you have all you want selected, choose the appropriate action. hope this helps.

I have had the Samsung for for over one month. I called Samsung and I called Sprint. Samsung knew NOTHING. They spent 1 1/2 with me and we both gave up. Sprint spent 1/2 hour with me and pointed me to: picasaweb.google.com to delete photos in Google+ but it didn't delete photos on the Uploads of the Gallery app. and they couldn't figure it out and suggested taking it into the Sprint store.

I finally figured it out! You go to the DropBox app on the phone then Camera Updates then scroll down all you picutes and delete the one you want deleted. This deletes it from your Gallery! How could anyone guess this. Now I know why people buy Apple phones. They couldn't be as crewed up as Google. How Google can survive and prosper making half baked products is a mystery to me.

Folk expected better. I call it "The new Windows."

You talk about a drop box in the camera mode. It only works for that where you put the pics to the camera. I have updated and other pics from another phone that was saved. Those were the pictures I want to delete. I'm not able to. That is what I want to know. I want to be able to delete the pictures that are in auto back up. I have a bunch of other pics I want to delete that is not taken from the camera or downloaded to it. Please help.

I am having the same exact issue and I know the frustration you are having. I have tried everything. I really want my photos off my phone. Hopefully someone knows how to do it. I am quite annoyed as well.

I went on this website last night (http://geektnt.com/how-do-you-remove-picasa-albumspictures-from-gallery-on-samsung-galaxy-s4.html) and this worked for me but it does removal all of your old photos from other phones. You cannot pick which ones to delete. The good thing is that it's reversible. Hope this works for you! Just follow the directions below:

How do you remove Picasa albums/pictures from Gallery on Samsung Galaxy S4

I have just got my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I have noticed that it has imported all of the pictures and albums from Google Picasa to my gallery. I find that very annoying and I was looking for a way how to stop it from doing it so. Here’s how to solve it.

First check if auto data sync is enabled:
1. Go to Settings and at Connections tab select Data Usage.
2. In properties enable Auto sync Data (To get the properties click on the button on the left side from your Home button on your phone at the bottom right side)

After that’s done let’s disable the Picasa
1. Go to Settings and at Accounts tab select Google and then select your Gmail account (most of you have only one, I have three and if you have more than one repeat the following step for every account)
2. On the next page disable Sync Picasa Web albums (and you can also disable Sync Google+ Photos)

That will prevent future pictures from being downloaded from Picasa to your phone, now let’s clear the current ones:
1. Go to Settings and at More tab enter Application Manager
2. Once you’re into Application Manager at the top go trough the tabs above until you reach move the tab All
3. Then and find Gallery application, click on it and then click on Clear Data button and confirm.

Now you will no longer have Picasa pictures in your Gallery on your Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGS4) phone. This guide also works on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 and probably on some other Galaxy phones. If you have just bought a new Galaxy phone check out some cool accessories, chargers and cases for your phone: