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How to delete completed transactions on cash app?


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The trouble of carrying cash in the pocket has become a matter of the past. With the help of the latest and smart mobile application like Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay and more dependency on holding money in form of cash has decreased to the noticeable level. Even more so, in recent years, it has been realized that the interest of a large number of people has shifted from using cash to ewallet for making some regular and small payments. In fact, the necessity of carrying a debit card or credit card has decreased also. Gone are the days of carrying several cards of multiple banks.

A smart and fast application like Cash App has simplified the way of paying bills and spending money. Cash App is not only safe but also helps to save time and offers a hassle-free experience. All the old transactions are kept under the thick layer of protection. Amid the growing popularity of the Cash App, a question has amazed me a lot. I have seen a rising curiosity in people to know how to delete Cash App transaction history . Maybe possible sometime in the past you might have also asked this question to yourself. If not, maybe sooner or later a situation will arise when you need to find the answer to this question: Can I delete Cash App Transaction History ?

Taking a serious note of the growing keenness of the Cash App users, I am privileged to disclose the less known facts about deleting Cash App payment history. Move down the screen to know more about How to delete history from Square Cash App.

Can I delete Cash App Transaction History?

No, sorry to say but as of now there is no such option available to remove the Cash App payment history permanently. But, with the help of unique software & tools, the experts available at Cash App customer care can delete your old payments history. Click here to get specialize assistance from Square Cash App experts.

Moreover, once the transaction is done it will always remain available in the Cash App e-wallet account, you alone can't delete it. But, don't get disappointed as there is an alternative option available. At best what you can do is deactivate your Cash App account and create another brand new Cash App account. There are a few things that you have to bear in your mind before canceling the Cash App account. If you don't want to risk your bank details and account read how to cancel the Cash App account.

Download Cash App Transaction History

As I have told you that deleting Cash App transaction history is not possible as of now and offered you an alternative solution as well. If you made your mind to cancel the Cash App account permanently, there is one important suggestion for you. Before you delete the Cash App account permanently, you must download Cash App transaction history for future references. Find below how to download the Cash App transaction history .

  • Login to your account on the website of Cash App on the computer.
  • Select the statement option from the left side of the screen.
  • Now choose export CSV to start downloading the old statement of your Cash App.
  • Check out your downloading folder on your computer.

Note: If you fail to download the Cash App transaction history , don't worry. Our certified professionals from Cash App customer service can mail you Cash App statements.

Cash App Customer Service

Hopefully, all the above-mentioned details will result in great help you. And the alternative option will solve your issue in accordance with your expectations. But, if you are struggling with any additional issue with Cash App like Cash App refund pending or Cash App transaction failure , immediately call to Cash App customer service. Solutions to an extensive range of issues from complex to simple problems are all available. All the free solutions are just one call away from you.